Battle of Pleasant Hill 2016 Part 1

I had a great time at the Battle of Pleasant Hill reenactment! The weather was perfect, I was able to see dear friends, and I dressed up as a soldier, received a new name, and carried my groups colors with pride!

I was so pleased that it didn’t rain this year as in years past. It made the event so much more enjoyable! We arrived around dinner time on Friday night and immediately went to registration. Since we came in my car I got to put my name on the parking pass- a first for me!


After that we went and set up our camp. I brought along the table dad made me and we sat our chairs and stools around it. It really felt like home! Two of the guys came over and helped us get our fire going as we were having a bit of trouble doing that.


It was sure nice to have a fire going by our home for the weekend! On Saturday I made the breakfast for the people in my group and I found out that I really do make some um interesting faces while cooking…



Cooking is serious business! I made the eggs, tea, and coffee and one of the ladies supplied the muffins that her husband made the day before.


Cranberry muffins and orange, strawberry, banana muffins!

After that yummy breakfast we went into the town of Pleasant Hill for the parade and town battle. I had to quickly make myself presentable as I had a late start to getting ready!


This was my outfit for Saturday, my mom let me borrow her old shawl for me to use. I thought it was a nice touch to the outfit!


The Yankees were the first to advance in the town battle. Our brave Confederate soldiers quickly came to stop them!




Oh no, a casualty!


Or was it? Maybe he just got tired and wanted some rest, haha!


When we arrived back at camp I started on lunch, and I have to say it was quite good! I will have to post the recipe on how to make it soon!

I will post more about the event in the days to come, there is just so much to say and show!



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