Grandpa the Builder

My grandpa recently built himself a little, rustic cabin out at their land. I went yesterday to see the almost finished product (he’s waiting on building the porch). After I saw it I knew I had to take pictures to share with y’all! He did a great job! He built it out of an old porch and pallets, that’s it!


This is the view from the outside! I love how rustic it is!


This is the view from the window on the left of the outside.


The view from the right window.


Some seating and storage on the left side when you walk in.


Grandpa’s recliner on the right side.


This made me crack up! He took the bottom part of an old, broken push mower and attached his recliner to it. No it has a new base and can roll around the cabin! Innovation at it’s finest if I do say so myself!

I’m always amazed by the things people can build out of pallets, it’s a great way to save money and it helps get that rustic feel you want!


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