Mountain Climbing

Over my spring break I went mountain climbing for the first time ever! It was so much fun! We went to Pinnacle Mountain near Little Rock, Ar.


I took a quick break to sit on this neat rock I found. Then I had to jump down, didn’t realize how high up I climbed on it!


Some of the natural steps up the mountain. After a while you got to climb up two different areas where there was nothing but huge rocks!


A bit of a view.


This was fun to climb up! It was about 20 feet up with nothing but rocks like this!


The final checkpoint on the mountain! Now once you reached here you had a choice to go left or right. The left side of Pinnacle is 900 something feet in the air, and the right side is 1011 feet in the air. I decided to go to the first side since it was higher up.


Look at this view!


To the left…


To the right…


Back to the left!

I had such a great time and can’t wait to go back and do it again!


Food Preppin’ for Pleasant Hill

This is the first reenactment we are going to without our beloved cook. Now most people still cook even with one, but we are normally busy sewing, watching the children, and helping the men prepare for battle. So this is a big first for everyone in our group. To make things easier we decided to break into small groups, and these small groups will all band together and help with meals.

My group made a Facebook message group to plan it all out. I am in charge of one of the breakfasts and the lunch on Saturday of Pleasant Hill. Wow! I’m also bringing some snacks, sponge cake, and loose leaf tea as well.

In preparation for this I had to go through and clean all my cooking things to get ready to pack them. I did two loads of dishes doing this, and of course I did them by hand as it’s only fitting to wash reenacting dishes by hand! ;)

Later, I sat down with mom and tossed ideas around to see what I could make for the meals I’m in charge of. We decided to make oatmeal with dried apples, cinnamon, and sugar, along with toasted sourdough bread and fried summer sausage for the breakfast. For Saturday’s lunch I will make a creamy chicken casserole, with toasted sourdough bread, and sponge cake for dessert.

Lissa volunteered to make a stew for Saturday’s dinner, along with cookies for dessert. She’s also making some yummy strawberry muffins to go with a breakfast of French toast made by Sarah.

I just wonder how the guys meals will end up being like!

Bag Sewin’ 

I’ve started making drawstring bags of various sizes to use for reenacting. The ones I’m making right now are for packing away my hair things, toiletries, jewelry, and such in my trunk. These bags are super easy to make and come in handy!


Sewing the inside seam together.


The bag is sewn, now to add the ribbon for the drawstring!



The finished product!

So far I’ve made six bags of various sizes. I made four of them for my dear friend Sarah to use. Now I have four more to make before I am finished with that project!