Coffee + Cookies = Tonight’s Talk 

I’m in a point in life where I’m starting to doubt everything. If I’m in the right place, friends with the right people, making choices about my future career. I know that I should give it to God, but it’s hard to at times. So for me it’s a daily thing to give it to Him. 

Which leads me what I want to talk to y’all about tonight- Choices. 

Now I’ve never been a good decision maker. It’s not my thing and it stresses me it big time. However, I’m beginning to think that’s a good thing. If I don’t want to make decisions myself so quickly then that leaves room for Him to move. 

Today I decided to declare an undecided career plan. I’m still a biology major, but I don’t think pharmacy is for me. It feels like I’m settling for second best instead of doing what I need to do. So for now I’m open to other areas of the medical field. I think I know what I should do, but I’m still praying about it for right now. 

Then there’s another choice that will present itself before long- courting. Now I know most people get excited about that. Don’t get me wrong, I get excited about it as well, but I try not to get ahead of myself. There is this one guy that I admire a lot, but I’m being patient in deciding if he’s the one for me to start courting. Which is why he and I both want him to get to know my family more. We’re talking as friends to get to know each other more and we’re praying to see if courtship is something that could come of this.

Career choices, courting choices, man it’s been a day, a week, a month. I hope and pray that we will all keep letting God direct our paths as He knows what’s best for us! 


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