Petticoat Starching 

Yesterday was such a glorious day, especially for it being January! This is Arkansan weather for you! So after class I decided to starch my petticoats before I went to work. 

First I went to my reenacting closet and pulled out my clothesline and took some clothespins, a storage tub, and some Stayflow liquid starch along with my petticoats. 

Here are my supplies for the starching! Next I filled the tub about a third of the way full with water and added all the starch. I like for my petticoats to have a good ol’ starching so I use the whole thing. 

Here is my starch concoction. Then I put my petticoats into the tub one at a time. I made sure to get it completely soaked, then wrung it out and put it on the clothesline. After I finished all the petticoats I stood back and admired the view. 

I love how old fashioned country this view looks from the back door. It definitely gives you a calming feeling. Now my petticoats are Pleasant Hill ready! :)

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