Late Night Owl Y’all

I know that we have all heard that there is a season for everything. Life is made up of seasons, all kinds of seasons. Well I am in one season that I swear will be the death of me…..I am now a night owl. Yes I am. I used to go to sleep about 9ish every night, well that has now changed to 1:30ish in the morning! How do people do this without feeling like a zombie all the time?? Give me your secret please!

So to cope with this new season I now stay up after doing homework to sit and sew until I am tired. There are good things that come from this. Such as being able to sew longer without interruptions and being able to get to sleep faster. Still there is just one drawback and that is after a while I start to sew things wrong…oops. I am hoping that with the new being able to sew for a few hours uninterrupted well help me finish these sewing projects that keep pilling up!


I was able to partially hem the edges of one of Stephanie’s new napkins. She loves anchors and this shade of yummy aqua, so I figured this was the perfect fabric for the napkins!


After hemming the napkin I turned to my reenactment pantaloons. All I need to do now is to attach the waistband and add some buttons then I can trim it out! A good thing about having to make some more pantaloons is that it gives me the motivation to make a proper young, middle-class ladies trousseau, something that I ave been wanting to do for a while now! :)


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