New 1860’s Pantaloons Part 1

I am starting on a new sewing project. New pantaloons for reenacting! I purchased 100% natural and organic, un-bleached cotton from my local Walmart. Yes, Walmart! Get this….I bought the fabric for only $1.99 a yard! I got 6 yards and only had to pay for 5 1/2 due to a spot on the fabric. Talk about a deal one couldn’t pass up!

Now I have a confession to make, and please don’t laugh too hard, but I may or may not have lost a pair of pantaloons and I also may or may not have destroyed the other pair. I took the pair that I destroyed apart because I wanted the lace at the bottom and I figured I could use the rest for a few other things. Well it turns out that those were my only pair! I’m pantaloon-less!

Okay now that the confession is out of the way, time to show what all I’ve done so far. Yes, I should be finished with them by now, but school is my number one priority as of late. I also tend to sew late at night after my homework is completed. By then I’m pretty well half asleep! ;)


Water is a must when it comes to sewing, about the only time I can ever sit down and just drink water.




I was tired by the time I took this selfie, I had a long day.



So thankful mom let me bring the iron and ironing board to my room. Definitely makes things easier since I didn’t have to walk back and forth between my room and the laundry room!



Prepping to hem the pant legs before I stitch them together. Probably one of my least favorite things to do.



Actually sewing the hem on the pant legs. It took me about 2 hours to be able to get to that point as I kept getting distracted by cleaning and homework.

Later in the evening I realized I made a mistake. I must have been so tired when I sewed the legs up that I didn’t notice that I sewed both of them in the same spot. I was so confused as to why they weren’t matching up to stitch them together! Instead of seam ripping them apart I have decided to make two pairs of pantaloons, we need two pairs right? ;)

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