Petticoat Starching 

Yesterday was such a glorious day, especially for it being January! This is Arkansan weather for you! So after class I decided to starch my petticoats before I went to work. 

First I went to my reenacting closet and pulled out my clothesline and took some clothespins, a storage tub, and some Stayflow liquid starch along with my petticoats. 

Here are my supplies for the starching! Next I filled the tub about a third of the way full with water and added all the starch. I like for my petticoats to have a good ol’ starching so I use the whole thing. 

Here is my starch concoction. Then I put my petticoats into the tub one at a time. I made sure to get it completely soaked, then wrung it out and put it on the clothesline. After I finished all the petticoats I stood back and admired the view. 

I love how old fashioned country this view looks from the back door. It definitely gives you a calming feeling. Now my petticoats are Pleasant Hill ready! :)


Late Night Owl Y’all

I know that we have all heard that there is a season for everything. Life is made up of seasons, all kinds of seasons. Well I am in one season that I swear will be the death of me…..I am now a night owl. Yes I am. I used to go to sleep about 9ish every night, well that has now changed to 1:30ish in the morning! How do people do this without feeling like a zombie all the time?? Give me your secret please!

So to cope with this new season I now stay up after doing homework to sit and sew until I am tired. There are good things that come from this. Such as being able to sew longer without interruptions and being able to get to sleep faster. Still there is just one drawback and that is after a while I start to sew things wrong…oops. I am hoping that with the new being able to sew for a few hours uninterrupted well help me finish these sewing projects that keep pilling up!


I was able to partially hem the edges of one of Stephanie’s new napkins. She loves anchors and this shade of yummy aqua, so I figured this was the perfect fabric for the napkins!


After hemming the napkin I turned to my reenactment pantaloons. All I need to do now is to attach the waistband and add some buttons then I can trim it out! A good thing about having to make some more pantaloons is that it gives me the motivation to make a proper young, middle-class ladies trousseau, something that I ave been wanting to do for a while now! :)


New 1860’s Pantaloons Part 1

I am starting on a new sewing project. New pantaloons for reenacting! I purchased 100% natural and organic, un-bleached cotton from my local Walmart. Yes, Walmart! Get this….I bought the fabric for only $1.99 a yard! I got 6 yards and only had to pay for 5 1/2 due to a spot on the fabric. Talk about a deal one couldn’t pass up!

Now I have a confession to make, and please don’t laugh too hard, but I may or may not have lost a pair of pantaloons and I also may or may not have destroyed the other pair. I took the pair that I destroyed apart because I wanted the lace at the bottom and I figured I could use the rest for a few other things. Well it turns out that those were my only pair! I’m pantaloon-less!

Okay now that the confession is out of the way, time to show what all I’ve done so far. Yes, I should be finished with them by now, but school is my number one priority as of late. I also tend to sew late at night after my homework is completed. By then I’m pretty well half asleep! ;)


Water is a must when it comes to sewing, about the only time I can ever sit down and just drink water.




I was tired by the time I took this selfie, I had a long day.



So thankful mom let me bring the iron and ironing board to my room. Definitely makes things easier since I didn’t have to walk back and forth between my room and the laundry room!



Prepping to hem the pant legs before I stitch them together. Probably one of my least favorite things to do.



Actually sewing the hem on the pant legs. It took me about 2 hours to be able to get to that point as I kept getting distracted by cleaning and homework.

Later in the evening I realized I made a mistake. I must have been so tired when I sewed the legs up that I didn’t notice that I sewed both of them in the same spot. I was so confused as to why they weren’t matching up to stitch them together! Instead of seam ripping them apart I have decided to make two pairs of pantaloons, we need two pairs right? ;)