Late Night Thoughts

Merry almost Christmas everyone! I cannot believe we are just a few short days away from Christmas and then the new year! I have learned a lot this past year, especially these past few months, and just wanted to share my late night thoughts with you all.


Life is scary, exciting, awful,s th intimidating, unnerving, and yet so incredibly beautiful at the same time. I believe that we are constantly learning more about ourselves even when we do not feel it or see it. I believe God is teaching us constantly about who we really are and what we really want out of our lives and what He wants us to do with our lives.

I have learned that when we willingly make mistakes we must ask ourselves whether we will let the consequences of our mistakes get to us, or if we will rise above our mess we made for ourselves. Too many times it is easy to wallow in self pity about what we have done. It is too easy to complain and want people to feel sorry for us. It is hard to suck it up, get up, and begin the process of moving on.

At times when we know what the right course of action is for our lives we still hesitate to move forward as we think that it is the worst thing we have ever done. We have all been there so why are we taking so long to encourage those we know to take that leap of faith? Perhaps because we compare ourselves to those, especially the ones who have taken the leap of faith way before we have. Is envy keeping us from encouraging our friends and those around us? I know it has for me in my life. This is one thing that I will want to change for the better in my life.

We are constantly changing, we are human so we change every day. I think that once we embrace that we are able to start living our lives in a more happy and more free way. Goodnight friends.


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