Civil War Weekend 2015

Civil War Weekend- Historic Washington State Park in Washington, Ar. This is an annual event for the state park. On Saturday the park buildings will open for tours at 9:00. The camps will be open to the public at the same time. There will be a variety of programs ranging from medicine to tours of the tavern life. The battle will start at 2:00 that afternoon and the tours will resume. That Sunday tours start back up at 9:00 and there will be a period service at the Methodist church in town at 9:00 as well. At 10:00 the camps open to the public and at 11:00 there will be a game of townball. The battle starts at 2:00 and at 3:30 the camps and special programs will be finished. At 4:30 the tour buildings will be over with.

This is a great local event if you are in the state of Arkansas! It is a smaller event but there is so much more one on one time between visitors and the reenactors. I highly recommend this even if you are in the area!

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