How I Deal With Stress

I think the older I get I realize that I tend to get stressed out easily, and I mean easily. For instance, just thinking of my next chemistry quiz (a quiz not a test) starts making me feel all panicked and sick to my stomach. This is even with just thinking of it! I am learning that I deal with stress with a few different methods and I wanted to share these methods with you.

  1. Coffee. Yes, I *love* coffee. It is one of the best things ever invented and is my go to drink, not just with stress.
  2. Breathing. Okay this probably should’ve been first, but come on people. Coffee is amazing so it should be first. ;) Breathing helps me remember to slow down and take a minute. I will normally sit down and start breathing in and out slowly until I feel more at ease.
  3. Walking. It doesn’t mean I have to be outside either. Sometimes I just walk around the house until I don’t feel stressed anymore.
  4. Writing out a list. I have no idea why, but there are times when writing out a list of things I need to accomplish helps me with stress. I think it helps the fact that I am taking my mind off of whatever I was stressing over, and begin to think of what I need to do.
  5. Petting our animals. Giving our dogs or cats some lovins helps out as well and they certainly don’t mind that. ;)
  6. Filling out my monthly planner. This may make others stressed, but it helps me feel like I have control over something. And it also gets me to figure out what all I need to do for the month.

Stress is *not* fun at all, but finding tips and tricks can help make it so much easier. I hope these help and if you have any methods that you use let me know. I can always use the advice!

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