Fall Ball October 2015

This years fall ball was definitely interesting to say the least. First of all it wasn’t where it has been held for the past few years. We had to hold it at the gym at the state park in Washington. Second, I spent some time finishing up my hand hemming on my chemise (oops). Lastly, I didn’t wear my ball gown. In my defense it no longer fits me, yes it is sad.

Brownie's about to go into the oven!
Brownie’s about to go into the oven!
Sometimes you just have to eat some brownie mix! ;)
The oh so yummy brownies!
My outfit for the ball :)
A more serious expression
Sitting on the steps of the Methodist church in Washington, Arkansas

It was a great evening though and lots of new memories were made. Now to get ready for Civil War Weekend!


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