Photos From My Reeancting Based Photoshoots

I just *love* dressing up in my reenacting clothes and having pictures taken. I love it more than modern photos. To me it makes me feel so elegant and graceful. I wanted to share a couple of my favorites and share a little bit about them.


This was taken before my mom helped me trim out the jacket and skirt. It’s one of my favorite outfits now.


A friend of mine took this photo in between tours we were giving. I honestly wasn’t posing for this one. She thought it was a perfect moment and we have both captioned this as a longing for my sweetheart photo.


Another photo in the same outfit as in the first photo. This was taken on the Methodist Church in Washington, Arkansas right after church. During the Civil War Weekend the church has a sermon straight out of an original sermon during the Civil War. Isn’t that neat?


My sister took this photo during a break in our cousin’s photo shoot. We were all wearing garments that our grandmother had made for her store.

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