Writer’s Block How I Loathe Thee

When it comes to blogging I have a million ideas! When it comes to school essays my brain is empty. How is this possible you may ask. The answer: I. Have. No. Clue. It is so weird how this happens!

I finally came up with a topic for my biology essay and the teacher was very happy about it. There is just one itty bitty problem…I don’t know where to start writing it!!! I am trying to pour myself into this topic in hopes that I will suddenly love it. So far this isn’t happening and I have 3 weeks till it is due.

Get it together brain! My brain says ‘no.” My scared college student side that puts off stuff to the last second says ‘yes.’ Who will win? Hopefully they will combine forces and compromise. I’m fine if they put it off for about another week. I can write a 600 word essay in 2 weeks. I’ve done it before so I have practice. Is this something to be proud of? Maybe it isn’t now that I think of it.

Anyway, hopefully I can think of what to write about the more I think of it. This is actually one of the reasons I decided not to go to the reenactment in Pea Ridge. I want to use this weekend to focus on school and relax as my birthday will be here Monday! I want to get all studying and school work done by Monday so I can celebrate with family on me turning 20! (Thoughts on that will be published soon!)

Have a blessed Thursday night!

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