Survived the First 2 Weeks! 

I survived the first 2 weeks of my junior year!! I’ve learned that planners are amazing things, there’s definitely more homework and quizzes, but I’ve met so many great people. I’m serious, I’ve met more people in my junior year than my first two years. Get this: most of them are biology majors as well. Isn’t that awesome?! 

I’ve also learned that since moving on from the community college I graduated, I’ve lost contact with a bunch of the people I knew there. In a way it is sad, but at the same time it was expected. It’s life. In life when we move on to new phases there will always be those that we continue to stay in contact with. Then there are those that we do not. 

That’s not a bad thing. Life has many seasons and in those seasons are people and places among other things. Sometimes people are in your path for just a season. Other times, people are in your path for the long run. I wish everyone I used to talk with on a daily basis the best in life, same as the ones I still talk to.

At times I stop and think of all the memories I’ve had with everyone at UACCH. There are good memories along with bad, but the good I will always treasure and will always remember. Be sure friends to make the most of where you are at in your season of life, and to be there for your friends. Make sure the good memories outweigh the bad. :) 

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