New to Me China Cabinet & Dishes

I don’t know about you, but I adore older things- furniture, clothing, dishes, houses…it’s all so beautiful to me! Last month on the 28th I turned 21 years old and was given the most amazing gifts- an old china cabinet, my favorite Bristol china patter, and 6 beautiful small bowls with pretty pink roses in them.

Ta-da! I love it and it’s perfect for the tiny house!


A few of the new bowls- these go with the tea cups, saucers, and sugar bowl I was given as well.


Some of the tea cups and saucers.



Sugar bowl behind two other tea cups and saucers.


I have 6 of these pretty little bowls, they all have lovely pink and white roses in them.



Vintage dishes have always been so beautiful to me, I’m looking forward to using all the dishes I have in the tiny home. Before long I can get rid of my modern dishes and replace them with pretty vintage ones!

Confessions of Love

I have a confession to make- I am having a hard time being loving at times. How you ask? Well let me tell you what I mean by that. I have come in contact with people who used to be good, dear friends of mine- we still are friends, but things have happened in our lives that keep us and it keeps our conversations brief and not what we want them to be. I think I’ve found the problem- I have not shown them the real love a friend should show. I make excuses for it: I’m busy, They hurt my feelings the other day, I’m too tired. It’s time for me to quit making excuses and get down to the facts. I, Chloe’, have had a hard time being loving because I’m being selfish. I’m being selfish with my time, my words, my actions.

I am being selfish with my time. I would rather take care of my never ending list of things to do than to go visit a friend and see if there is anything I can do to help them. I am only doing the bare minimum of helping my own family. I am not quick to volunteer to help those in need. How to fix this- Spend more time focusing on the needs of others and how to help them than my own list of things to do.

I am being selfish with my words. I am too quick to respond with short sentences instead of taking the time to write out a word of encouragement, of prayer, of love. I have used the excuse of “Well I am busy so this is what I’ll say so I can get back to what I was doing.” Wow, I have looked back at some messages between me and some of those I know and can I just say how embarrassed I was, how ashamed of what I said in that moment? How to fix this- Stop and give those people my time. Stop and say those words of encouragement, of prayer, of love.

I am being selfish with my actions. Last year if you were to say that you needed help with something, I was quick to jump up and help you. Now if you were to do the same I would probably act like I didn’t hear you or give you some excuse as to why I can’t help you right now. Isn’t that awful? It is. How to fix this- Go back to being that way. Start helping again, whether it is a loved one or a friend. Go back to being that person friends could rely on to be there for them and help them.

Love, it has so many parts to it for so many reasons. It isn’t enough to say “I love you,” there has to be some action behind it, some reassurance of love, time spending with it. I have a lot to work on and I know of how to fix it. The Bible tells us that “Love never fails.” Do I fail? The answer is YES. I fail EVERYDAY, every single day I fail. You know who doesn’t fail to love us. God, He loves us every single second of every single day. That is a great feeling to know, that no matter how many times I fail to love someone, that He will always love me.

When I stop to think of that it makes me want to love others like He does. It makes me want to work better every day to show others love, so that they might see our Father’s love through me. If God is our perfect example of love for others then I want to follow in His example and love those around me better.

Pre-Owner of a Tiny House Diaries

I’m happy to announce that I will have a tiny home! This has been a dream come true for me and I still can’t believe it’s happening! It’ll take a lot of hard work, sleepless nights, and lots of sweat, but I know it’ll be more than worth it for sure!

A tiny house is basically any type of home that is at least under 500 sq. feet. Mine will be approximately 288 sq. feet. So that is just barely bigger than my current bedroom, it can be done! Honestly as an unmarried individual I don’t know why I would need anything bigger than that. It’s not like I plan to invite 20 people over at once….okay let’s be real the most I’ll have over is 4 haha!

One of the things I find so awesome about this is that everything that will be put into the home will be mine. That is just so awesome to me for some reason, maybe because I feel like such an adult by that?

The other day I bought a kitchen sink for my home and I was over the moon excited. I was excited about a sink of all things! Not many people get excited about that, but for me it was an amazing feeling knowing that what I was holding in my hands was for the new home and that it was for my home.

I think the reason I get so excited about this is because I know that this is my home I’m building and creating and designing….My HOME. It feels so nice to hear that phrase roll off my tongue when I say it out loud. “My home.” It’s amazing to think that here I am in this new phase of life building something that is truly mine.

My family and I will all needs lots of prayers as I begin this journey and as they all begin to help make this dream come true! I hope to take lots of pictures and share the “behind the scenes” of it all come to life!

P.s. My Grandma and I now call it “Chloe Mae’s Cottage” just like the name of my blog. :)