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Winter Antiquing

It’s a very cold, rainy, dreary, winter day here in southern Arkansas. Initially I didn’t want to leave the house, but Mum asked if I wanted to go with her to pick up the sis from college so I decided to get out. We stopped off at a bigger (for our town) flea market that’s across the road from the college. While looking around Mum pointed out two adorable pie plates that she thought I’d like.

I’m not quite sure on what the pattern is called- it only has U.S.A on the back of the pie plates. I do love the pattern though, and it’ll go with my other dishes as well!

This is a close up of one of the pie plates. With my “every day” dishes I collect a mixture of Blue Italian by Spode, Blue Willow, and Historical Ports of England. So these pie plates will fit in perfectly. (:

When I went to take my sister to the college for another one of her classes, I decided to pop into one of my favorite antique stores in downtown. The owner of the building has recently had one part of the building restored, and it is gorgeous!

I always enjoy walking around that part of the antique store! I found this reproduction 1915 Economy Cookbook while walking around.

 After turning a few pages I knew that this little cookbook was coming home with me!

There’s a booth with all kinds of quilting fabrics and vintage sewing notions. These quilting fabrics jumped out to me and I thought they’d make some adorable quilted potholders. Yes, there will be a blog post on those. (;

I’ve been looking for these little dessert plates and finally found one. Now to find three others like it!

I always have fun antiquing, even if no treasures come home with me. Have you been antiquing lately?

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Chloe’ Mae’s Coffee Corner Talks Part 9- Christmas Holiday

For Christmas last year the family and I went to one of my favorite places on earth- Florida!!

It was so nice to get away for the Christmas season, and even nicer that we were able to go to the beach! While it was colder back home, we all enjoyed 60 degree weather, the beach, the ocean, and the fact that we could wear shorts in December!

Along with the trips to the Naval Aviation museum, beaches, and flea markets we were able to drive around the University of West Florida campus. I hope to transfer there after I finish my bachelors degree!

The view from our condo’s balcony! It was so peaceful to sit and listen to the waves crash onto the shore.

The pier on one of the beaches. Every time we go to this particular beach I end up taking so many pictures of the pier……then change my cover photo on Facebook to one of the pictures of said pier. (:

The above picture was my favorite of the pier…and the picture I picked for my cover photo!

The ‘Pensacola Beach’ beach ball shaped water tower is in the background of this picture. It always amazes me how white the sand is and how blue the sky is at the beach!

The ocean was so gorgeous on Christmas Eve, what better place to be?

Our itty bitty sandman….it was A LOT harder to build than I initially thought. My sister and I accidentally destroyed the first sandman while attempting to fix it. Dad ended up making this one…good job Dad!

My sister bought me this adorable turtle bracelet! I absolutely LOVE turtles! It was by far my most favorite gift. (:

Our Christmas bauble cake. It was almost too cute to eat! (;

On one of the last days of our holiday the sister and I went for a walk along the coast of the bay behind our condo. I enjoyed all the one on one time we got to spend together.

A gorgeous hibiscus flower. Usually I don’t care for the color orange, but I think that in this case it’s just lovely.

The Christmas tree at the boardwalk, I loved the blue ornaments and the starfish!

Of course we went back to the Naval Aviation Museum while we were there! It was our second time going and it was amazing. You could probably go every day that the museum is open and see something new every time!

I know that this post is a couple months late, but I wanted to share a few of my favorite photos from our trip. How did you spend your Christmas holiday?

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Civil War Weekend @ OWHSP 2018

Hello friends and hello first post of 2019! I hope your New Year has been off to a great start! I took quite a long break from blogging, but I promise that this year I’m getting back into blogging on the regular. That’s one of my goals for this year. (;

Last November I volunteered at Old Washington Historic State Park for the annual Civil War Weekend event. I volunteered in the 1836 courthouse. During the Civil War the city of Washington became the capital for the Confederacy. The courthouse was also used as a schoolhouse for many years, and in one of the rooms upstairs it is still used to demonstrate a one room schoolhouse. I spent most of my time up there giving tours and lessons from the 1850’s. The school children loved getting a 19th Century school lesson!

Upstairs in the 1836 courthouse
Inside the school room
A sweet little girl drew this for me after her “lesson’ (:

I posted the above photo on Facebook, and one of the ladies I know commented on the post and told me that the Ladies Auxiliary met at the 1836 courthouse during the 19th Century to work on sewing projects. I found that so fascinating that the next day I brought some material and cut out a new 1860’s cotton day dress!

A 19th Century selfie
Some of us ladies after the battle on Sunday

It was another lovely weekend for the event and I enjoyed every minute of it!