My New Quilt Part 1

Okay to all you quilters out there I have a few things to say to you…..First of all y’all are amazing….seriously. Second y’all are patient, third y’all have my respect.

I recently decided to make a quilt for my soon to be new bed. Well I sat and thought about how I wanted it to be I began to gather the fabric for it, and earlier this week I began to work on it. This. Is. The. Biggest. Project. I. Have. Done. Period.

As a person who has never thought about quilting I never thought this would be so hard and time consuming- don’t get me started on how much math I have used with this so far. It’s a lot.

Anyway, I am enjoying it immensely, this is more of a ‘quiet’ sewing than what I am used to. I am really liking it and am already thinking of future quilting projects!

Now on to the pictures! :D



I’m keeping notes while I make my quilt. That way I can base future quilts off of what I’ve done so far. 


I’m using a twin sized sheet to figure out how many quilting blocks I need for the borders. 

DSCN1457For the top and bottom borders that’s a grand total of 11 blocks each. 
Well there’s my part one of the quilt. I will post more later. :) 

Neck Roll Pillow 


The other day  I decided to make a neck roll pillow out of some scrap fabric I had. I cut out a good sized recatangle piece of fabric. Then I did a tight hem on the top and bottom of it. 

After that I hemmed the sides of it. I did a wide hem about 1″ for it- just enough to put the ribbon through it. 

Now here is where I quit taking pictures haha. After that I sewed the long sides together with the fabric inside out. Once that was done I turned it right side out and put ribbon through the wide hemmed sides. I tied the one side tight, knotted it, and pushed the ribbon through. Next, I stuffed it. Now with a neck roll pillow you want to stuff it tight. Once it was stuffed I tied the second ribbon nice and tight, knotted it, and pushed the ribbon through. 

The finished product! I never realized how much I needed this pillow until after I started using it every day since then! 

It makes relaxing it bad so much more enjoyable. ;) 

Apron Sewing 

After a while of thinking about it I finally made an apron. I found some adorable fabric at Hobby Lobby to make it out of. 

I normally don’t go for pinks, but this was too cute to pass up! 

Beginning to cut it out. 

I drafted my own waistband pattern for the apron. Take your waist measurement and cut it in half. Voila! Waistband! 

Pinning the waistband to the main piece. 

Waistband sewing. This is also the last ‘in progress’ picture I took. 

The finished apron!

After this I decided to start keeping up a list of favorite finished projects for this year. That way instead of being upset by the things I wanted to do I can look back on all the things I did. Even if they took some time. (;